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Hi all,
I have a Gigabyte GTX 460 video card which has dual DVI outlets and one HDMI mini outlet.
Is the mini HDMI connector the same on all cables that say mini? I'm looking to buy a cable that says it's a mini HDMI for a Canon HD video camera, but I'm really buying it to connect my High Def TV to the video card. The card came with an HDMI adapter to go from mini to regular size, but the outlet is so close to the edge of the video card, that the adapter will not fit. I'd have to cut off some of the plastic insulation on the adapter to make it fit.
I'm looking at a cable thru moniprice.com
Any advice will help.
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  1. It should came with an adapter. But are you looking at this? It should work.
  2. Timop,
    The Video card came with an adapter, but the outlet it goes into is so close to the edge of the card and wall of the computer case that the adapter will not fit without some cutting off of the insulation.
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