Help with HDD problems?

I'll keep things short. I bought a new Seagate 500GB internal HDD. I installed it into my PC without problem. When I booted up the PC after the install, It froze on the first screen? It would NOT let me open BIOS, manually boot etc. It just froze. When I turned off my PC and took out the HDD, my PC booted perfectly like it did before. Also, this is a SECOND HDD for just installing games on. I already have a Samsung 250GB Installed, with my OS on it and all my other files etc.
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  1. you have to go into the BIOS and change the boot sequence. the machine is trying to boot to an empty drive.

    set up should be something like

    1st/HD ( the one with the operating system on it.

    2nd/DVD-rom drive

    3rd/your "new" HD.
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