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I just bought a Zotac GeForce gtx 460 today and i went to install it and on boot up i get a beep code that sounds like 2 quick beeps and 3 normal beeps i checked if my system would support the card before i bought it and was sure it would i have a Asus M3a32 mvp delux mainboard 2gigs of ddr2 and 750W powersupply minimum system says 450W with 2GB but recommended 4 i've done your basic checklist of troubleshooting these things reseating and making sure there are good connections but i sitll get the beep code anyone have any ideas if my power supply isn't enought to push everything or is my mainboard not up to snuff i know the card is good because i took it over to my brothers and it worked just fine in his but his system is more up to date with a 1200W psu
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  1. What CPU are you using and what speed is your RAM?
  2. my ram is Corsair DHX XMS2 Dominator Dual Channel 2048MB PC8500 DDR2 1066Mhz Memory (2 x 1024MB) and my cpu is AMD Phenom X4 9600 Quad Core Processor HD960ZWCGDBOX - Black Edition, 2.30GHz, 4MB Cache, 1800MHz (3600 MT/s) FSB, Agena, Quad-Core, Retail, Socket AM2+, Processor with Fan. i just copied and paste that up there from my td account to speed up the process lol
  3. I was looking through the manual for your mobo for the beep codes and although it mentions them it doesn't show them, so have you tried going into the BIOS and setting the voltages for CPU and RAM manually?
  4. No I haven't but I have a good friend of mine is telling me to upgrade my psu and I was wanting to do that anyway because I was thinking of some sli in the future so if I did that do you think that would solve my problem?
  5. A 750w PSU is more than enough for what you are trying to run, even a really crap one should be able to get that rig going so unless it's on fire I would say keep it and check the RAM sticks individually as well as making sure that the HSF for the CPU is on properly, all connections are good, plugs are in all the way and voltages are correct in BIOS.
  6. the voltages i got from the bios were
    VCore 1.232
    3.3V 3.216-3.232
    5V 5.053-5.080
    12V 11.430-11.369
    Cpu temp was 47 C and MB temp was 37 C

    for whatever reason adobe isn't wanting to open on my pc so i can't check them from the manual i have but i'm lookin around to see if i can't find anything on the web
  7. It's the RAM and CPU voltage (more the RAM) that can cause problems on the first boot if they are too low.
  8. hmm... i've tried most of everything i can think of i've swapped ram out for some 2gig sticks made sure there are good connections all around reseated everything in the pc your telling me that my psu is more than enough to power everything i'm at a loss here lol any suggestions or should i start building me a new rig? lol
  9. It might be worth trying to get a hold of someone at Asus to find out what the beep codes are as they are not listed in the manuals pdf file.
  10. So you noticed the problem only after installing the card. If this replaced an old card, put the old card back in and see if the problem goes away. Also your 12V is low. Maybe your PSU is on its way out. Is it more than a few years old or a cheaper brand?

    Bios beep codes, see the following:
  11. yes only after i install my new card it does the beep codes and i have no display my old card is bad but i can get a basic display with it in my psu is newer about a year old it's a Ultra LSP750w i replaced it because the psu i had before poped it's capacitor out of the blue don't think it could of ruined my board do you?
  12. well i decided to try to turn my pc back on just now and for whatever reason it decided to turn on and work like it's supposed to the only thing that i've done different is i had to leave a case fun unplugged because the cable isn't long enough to reach the connector on my mainboard i've got a little fan that i put on it just to make sure there is decent airflow and my case will remain open. I'm going to push my system a bit and see what happens i've got rivatuner and was wanting to monitor what was happening but it's not giving me the option to anyone know a decent software to use to keep an eye on it?
  13. nevermind i was messing around in the cd and it comes with it's own software thanks for the help everyone
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