Computer turns on, then off before the bios, then back on.

Specs are:

i5 2500k stock clock
Asus P8z68-V Pro
2 x 4GB Gskill ripjaw
SeaSonic X650 Gold

Last night I got three BSOD's and according to the dmp file it was because of memory corruption. So I run windows memory tests on on each stick of ram. Tests results say that the memory is fine but while testing the memory I encountered another problem. When powering on my computer now it will power up (fans kick on, indicator lights flicker) but power off before the bios flash screen but then power itself back on.

Earlier this week the computer acted the same way (as me turning it on, system turning itself off and back on) but I attributed it to a faulty surge protector because plugging it straight into an outlet fixed it.

I have all of the latest drivers and I updated to the current BIOS tonight as well. Another thing to add is after flashing my BIOS with 0606 the computer went into a loop of powering up then shutting down before the bios. I had to hold the power button for it to fully power up. But once it powered up it booted into windows fine.

The computer isn't even two weeks old and it is my first build. I could really use some advice as to what could be the problem. Does this sound like a mobo problem or more of a power supply problem?
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  1. did you try another PSU? if not try a good spare PSU...
  2. akajake said:
    Earlier this week the computer acted the same way (as me turning it on, system turning itself off and back on) but I attributed it to a faulty surge protector because plugging it straight into an outlet fixed it.

    Every accusation is only wild speculation. Your power system is many parts. PSU is only one part.

    Your answers will only be as useful as information you first provide. That means one full minute of labor, a multimeter, and the numbers from six wires. Then the many power system parts are exonerated or identified as defective ... without any doubt or speculation.

    Or just keep replacing good parts until the computer remains stable. Those are your only two choices.

    Normal is for a good supply to operate defectively in an otherwise good computer. Normal is for a defective supply to operate for months or even a year before causing strange problems. In every case, the meter could have identified the problem before it started causing problems. Without those numbers, then no useful answer will be posted.

    Did you know power cycling is controlled by another component of the power supply system? What will replacing a PSU do? Nothing if that controller has failed. Another part quickly exonerated or found defective by one minute of labor. Get the meter. Ask for what to do. Or just keep replacing good parts until something appears to work.
  3. (1) When in windows, look at PSU voltages,at idle and under load. Primarily the +12V and the + 5 V. Under load +12 V No lower than +11.6 (spec is 11.4V) and > 4.75 for the + 5 V. Can use the Mother board utility to monitor. For load run Furmark for 5 Min. Normally I use Prime95 but if you have a memory issue it may bomb out quickly. You have an Excellent PSU, but need to double check.

    (2) If PSU looks good (under load) then I would boot to a bootable CD memtest86 and run memtest for 4->6 hours. (3) No problem with either 1 or 2. I would reload windows as you may have some corrupted files do to BSOD. Then after new windows install, I would run Prime 95 for about 4 Hours - NOTE: Monitor temps closely for the first 15 min also verify that voltages stay OK, If you hit 80C terminate - need better cooling.
  4. since your PC is only 2 weeks old, I would go with wild speculation at this point and send back your MB and your PSU for replacement right away as you should be able to RMA replace them,,, I am 99.999% sure the problem is one of those components,,, if your build was older, I would say to spend some time figuring out, but you gotta move fast within the first 30 days
  5. This doesn't happen after trying to wake from a sleep mode by any chance, does it?

    I am having a similar problem with my p8p67 ws revolution board, but only when trying to wake from sleep mode.

    Edit: Try updating your bios. I just did and the issue is resolved. Hope it works for you also.

    Edit2: nvm the bios update seemed to work but the problem is back. Also, it happens from a cold boot.
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