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Explorer.exe "spazzing out" and graphic glitches

Yesterday, I noticed my taskbar acting strange. I was using Firefox at the time, and my taskbar would just start blinking rapidly. Right now as I type, my screen is blinking, my taskbar is flickering rapidly, and the icons on my taskbar are enlarging quickly. This happens when I am not in firefox though. I have uploaded some pictures of it happening. I couldn't use snip because whenever I do you use it, it stops happening.

I also disabled all startup services and it still happens. Heres a picture of the icons enlarging:

I booted into safe mode and ran a full scan on all my drives and got nothing.

This pretty much started happening randomly. I don't remember installing any new software, drivers, or updates before it happened. After it happened though I did install about 90 windows updates.
I also get graphics glitching in all games.

In HL2, the video in the main menu turns to random colors and while actually playing the game, all props starting flickering like crazy.
In Oblivion, the loading screen got distorted near the top among other things .

I should also mention I have a gtx 580 and MSE
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    Looks like corrupted driver files
    Have u tired uninstalling & re-installing drivers.

    if not download the latest drivers from nvidia site, uninstall the old drivers from control panel & sweep again completely using Driversweeper, reboot, install latest drivers ,reboot again and see what happens..

    also check the graphic card seating in mobo, just to make sure it seated correctly..
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