Power supply dieing?

I have a friend. Whos computer use to crash only when he plays bc2 after about 5-10min. And theres no heating problem everything is normal. (as far as i know, wasnt there personally)
specs on his comp that i know
i7 920
6gb of ddr3 1333mhz
9800gtx+ in sli but has it disabled because he kept crashing and it last like 5 min longer without it on bc2.
cant remember but he has a gigabyte x58 mobo.
he has the CORSAIR CMPSU-850TX power supply.

Now his comp crashes in the simplest flash games and just turns off on him.
Other than prime 95 to check the temp of his i7. and memtest 86 for the ram to see if that works. and i have mri to check his motherboard and hdd status and cpu. is there anything i should that stresses the gpu to see the temps? if everything checks okay im guessing that the problem will be the power supply correct?
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    Problem abt psu is too early to determine now-
    Are all the drivers up to date ?
    Try memtest, might be a ram problem. Monitor your temps using HW monitor-
  2. exactly what im thinking. it could be that cables might be loose. might be one
    drivers are up to date.
    i will try memtest for the ram, prime 95 for cpu what should i use for the gpu?
    and he plays Heroes of Newerth with no crash but when he plays flash or bfbc2 he crashes.
    motherboard is GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD3R
    gskill 6gb F3-10666CL9T-6GBNQ for his ram found it.
    and its a 930 not 920.
  3. For gpu- there is occt or msi kombustor-
    Try it, but still dont think its gpu if it crashes on low requirements flash games-
    What about temps ?
  4. on bfbc2 a min before he crashed it was only at 71C. and the cpu was lower than that around 45-50ish. he says. but ima do stress test tomorrow anyways.
  5. 71 c, is not too good, but not enough to cause a crash..
    You can also set up a fan profile in msi afterburner, higher rpm kicks in for higher temps, it will help for temps-
  6. okay ill try that. you thinking cleaning his registry and all his gunk might help? disk cleanup defrag etc.. will help.
  7. Yes might. Use ccleaner.. As for defrag,- defraggler/or windows defrag.
  8. will do let u know tomorrow can hit some zzz.
  9. Would like to point out it could also be a bad motherboard.
  10. I'd like to point out that, although anything can fail, the Corsair PSU's are much better than average units.

    I'd suggest problems with motherboard, memory, video cards, or video drivers.

    One possible thing to try:
    borrow an ATI card and install it after removing the nVidia drivers.
  11. found it. at least the psu passed the tester i have. he didnt take a look at the cpu temps closly before he crashed. bc i ran prim95 for at least 5 secs. his temps were idling at 60 those shot up to 98 i turned it off cause i got a little scared lol. Reseated his heatsink and added new thermal paste. now he idles 45 and hits 72ish max average.
    gpu hits 75
    so after that we ran bfbc2 for about an hour and no crash. thanks guys.
  12. Enjoy ;)
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