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Hello, my graphics card (GeForce 9800 GT) has stopped working randomly, i've tried to plug it out and in and i have reinstalled the latest driver update and i can't figure out the problem. my friend told me i had to get a new power supply with 550-600 watt cause i only have 350. though my computer has never crashed during playing games which is often the case if i need to get a new power supply. Can this really be the sollution or is there any other ways? i have a code 10 (this device cannot start) if you need to know. Thanks
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  1. and sorry for the wierd thread title. too tired to use ctrl c+v :P
  2. Your PSU may have given up the ghost, a quality 500w unit would not be a bad idea.
  3. okey Thanks :)going for corsair i think
  4. Good choice! :)
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