What video card will max out my T7700.

So recently my laptop died so I decided to convert it into something useful such as a little desktop. I got a itx motherboard. The only motherboard on newegg was the jetway board with a socket p that matches my cpu socket. The case I got has a 300 watt 80+ efficiency rating. I took the 4gb ddr2 200pin memory to use on this motherboard as well as the ssd that was in the laptop.


I have room in this case to fit at most a 9 inch card.

What card will give me the best performance I can wring out of this thing.
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  1. Where are you planning to put the card? In the PCI slot? I havent seen a PCI card in a long time.
  2. Yeah, that board doesn't have a normal(PCIEx16) slot for video cards. You will be stuck with PCI cards and they are both weak and overpriced. The best you can do is a 9500GT and I believe it will be limited by the interface;
    That motherboard on its own is $156 anyway. For the less money you could get this;
    and 2 gigs of DDR3;
    The motherboard can also unlock the 4th core on the processor.
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