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Hi, I recently bought a computer, around 3 weeks back. But two weeks ago, I left my computer on to download something at night and there was a storm, the next day the onboard ethernet card, stopped working. So I went to a forum on windows 7 and bugged around thinking it's a software problem or something.

The best answer to my problem was replace a new NiC card. So I went and bought a TRENDnet Gigabit PCI Adapter Card TEG-PCITXR, I installed it no problem, but it didn't work with my windows 7. I assumed it was adapter compatibility. So I bought a new card a 1 Port PCI 10/100/1000 32 Bit Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter Card (ST1000BT32)this also did not work and had customer rating which assured windows 7 compatibility.

Now I think it is the motherboard itself that is broken somehow, I've tried every solutions such as reset winsock etc. Reinstalled drivers several times, even did a full reformat. Oh I even tried a usb ethernet adapter, didn't work also.

When I plug my ethernet cord into the ehternet adapters, sometimes it would say cord not detected or invalid ip configuration. I am setting the pc straight to a dsl modem, no router. So I know the cords work fine, because I'm writing this help on my laptop through my modem and same Ethernet cord.

My motherboard is a EVGA x58 SLI
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  1. Have you tried uninstalling the drivers for the onboard nic and then disabling it in the bios before installing a new nic?
  2. I've disabled the onboard NiC in the bios, but didn't uninstall the drivers before I installed the new NiC. I'll try again with this method.

    I tried the method, I end up getting a yellow trangle on the network icon. And then when I troubleshoot the problem I get a "invlaid ip configuration" thing from the microsoft connection trouble shoot. When I access the Network Connections It says Local Area Connection - with Unidentitifed network.

    And I cant access my modem, through the internet explorer, any other ideas?
  3. Go to run and type "cmd" and press enter. when the cmd window opens type "ipconfig" and it will tell you the ip address of your nic. If you don't have a 192.168.x.x IP address then you are having issues with dhcp. note the ip address that is shown for your nic then type "ping" to check the tcp/ip stack. if that works type "ping x.x.x.x" where x is the ip address of your nic. if that works you may need to set the ip address on your nic manually.
  4. Some older DSL Modems and ISP are looking at your MAC address; no router means it's pulling your NIC MAC address. Before tearing into Windows, drivers, settings -- simply unplug and completely disconnect the DSL Modem for at least 30 minutes and then try again.

    edit: If necessary call your ISP and tell them to fully reset your MAC addresses.
  5. Yah my modem is pretty old, about 4 or 5 years at least. But uhh I got the internet to work using the USB Ethernet adapter I just bought. And I am clueless as to why or how it works, but am very happy none-the less. At first it wouldn't work, than i restarted the modem with the Ethernet cord connected to it, and then all went well.

    Do you thinking resetting the MAC address would fix the problem with my onboard ethernet or the new NiC card I bought?
  6. Assuming you didn't change the LAN settings in your BIOS it should work by default.

    Q - Most EVGA X58 SLI already have dual LAN which is perfectly fine, so why a PCI LAN?
    Q - If equipped why not a PCIe x1 LAN? Much better option.

    Onboard Device
    Realtek GigaLan (LAN1) [Disabled]
    Realtek GigaLan (LAN2) [Disabled]

    Make certain Init Display First <not equal> PCI Slot -> [PCIEx]

    Start there...good luck!
  7. No Dual Lan, only a single one.

    I didnt get a PCIE lan because I'm running SLI with 2 vids cards on my system. Thanks for the advice though.
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