Bios wont recognise new HDD

I have just completed, well thought I had completed, my new build. The plan was to run a 40gb laptop hdd as my OS drive, then have a 1tb drive for everything else.

Everything worked fine on the 40gb drive, windows 7 installed fine and I ordered a brand new 1tb drive to add. It arrived today, I put it in and nothing. It wont show in the BIOS. The 40gb drive works, as does the DVD-RW (all connected via SATA). When I use the cabling from the 40gb drive to see if it was a cable issue, it still wasn't seen.

The drive is a Toshiba DT01ACA100 9F13180 and as I say is brand new. The drive vibrates on startup, and next to the SATA ports, there is what appears to be space for a jumper (2 metal forks), but there is no jumper. Is it likely the drive is dead, or am I doing something dumb.

The overall spec of the PC is a i5 3470, Gigabyte B75-D3V motherboard, 8 gb ram and a radeon 7870.

Obviously I don't want to send it back if I can avoid it, as I want to get back in to PC gaming and I could do without a lengthy returns process.
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  1. Well that really sux. You said you tried the cable from the other HDD, did you try the port that the working HDD was plugged in to?? Did you try the new drive all by itself to see if the BIOS picks it up? and all the SATA ports? The only other thing is to try it in a different machine and see if it sees it. Otherwise i think you'll have to return it. If you happened to buy it from Amazon, i know their return process is super easy and fairly quick depending on the post.
  2. Yeah, I basically just unplugged the 40GB from the drive and plugged them in to the 1TB, it used the same port the 40GB used and still nothing. Tried it on its lonesome in all the SATA ports. I got the drive from, so I will have to have a look at them for returns.

    I dont really have the facility to try it in a different machine (first build since I switched to laptop only about 3 years ago) so I only have access to laptops and friends with laptops.

    I guess the drive is dead :(
  3. As a side note, I just plugged in my old 1TB external drive via the SATA (this drive is seriously on its way out) and the bios reconised it without issue.

  4. I have had a similar problem with this exact HDD. It seems the issue is with getting it to recognise win 7. I will attempt it with XP, and if it works, shall report back.
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