my comp restarts 4-5 times during boot [running windows 7] and gives the following error IRQL LESS THAN OR EQUAL.
ubuntu gives me a kernel panic and tells some errors with 'CPU word' being used a lot such as CPU0 idle clock.. etc :heink:

i have tested my ram and hdd and they are working fine.

the following sequence takes place:
if i am booting for the first time in the day:
restart 4-5 time throwing errors
works fine here on after

if i shutdown and restart immediately
no errors :bounce:

if i shutdown and restart after 1 hour or so
error cycle repeats again :(

SPECS: :love:

intel core2quad q6600 g0 [stock]
xfx ati radeon 5850 [stock]
transcend 2x2gb ram 800mhz
seasonic psu 620w
wd 320gb hdd
nzxt lexa s case

temps: idle 35c load 49c

please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ange:
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  1. I had the same problem. I did a RESTORE and even went so far as to reformat my HardDrive and reinstall WINDOWS (XP SP2) but without success.

    I did a full scan with PCtools antivirus and it persisted. Then I tried Antimalware and found some trojans etc. This did the trick but once in a while I still get it i.e twice in the past two months. The Antimalware version I use is not the full program (almost a try and buy version without a time limit) Maybe there is still some undetected trojan or malware somewhere on the system. The one trojan was a Windows file !
  2. It is probably a clash of one of the drivers that you may have in you PC. Update all drivers to the latest and see if the issue persists!
  3. yeah i tried both but no good :(
  4. IRQL errors in XP and above are 99.9% of the time: Memory errors. Can be driver conflicts, but those are rare these days...

    Test each memory stick, one at a time.
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