Acer Aspire one Mini laptop recovery? Help?

I've had an acer aspire one mini laptop for quite some time, and its just became a piece of crap, so I need to restore it to factory settings, but the problem is using the eRecovery found in the start menu > all programs > acer empowering doesn't work, it just restarts my computer, every time I try, and the <alt> <10> while the acer image is up won't work either, it sends me to the safe mode boot up screen, and most of the time the acer image won't even pop up it will skip to the windows booting screen with the loading bar, I've been trying over and over again and I really don't know what to do, I've googled my bum off all night, I've looked through all sorts of forums/answer websites, and can't find ANYTHING. Is there something I can put on a flash drive and work of that or anything?? someone helpppp?
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  1. Another option would be to get Acer to send you the restore discs. There might be a charge for that, but they will work.
    If the System recovery is on a separate partition, you might want to try and explore that, see if running an executable from that partition takes you anywhere. I would guess not, though, because that's what the eRecovery is trying to do, without success. But always worth a try.
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