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i am advicing a friend to buy some pc parts in the uk instead of buying pre-built pc so i want to know if any shop in the uk you can buy from them and they do the pc assembly for free because my friend cant do it alone and he cant afford a specialist to do it for him in home and thanx :)
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  1. Building a PC is really easy

    He shouldnt be afraid to try building his own if he owns a screw driver and can follow instructions .
    Look for online tutorials
  2. All that is needed for building your own PC for the first time:
    1. Guts
    2. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/288241-13-read-posting-buyer-guides-troubleshooting
    3. A reliable store, either online or near home
    4. Online PC building tutorial
    5. A screw driver and the manuals of the components (come with the components).
    6. An OS CD/DVD and the drivers (drivers usually come together with the components or downloadable from the internet)
    7. Ability to remain cool :D
  3. well what if he destroyed the processor :D
    also i think things like cable management and the heat sink installing wont be so easy for him
  4. He needs to stop being so afraid. Look at the good things, stop looking at what could go wrong or you will never go anywhere in life
  5. If he's afraid he might screw something up he could just get the cheapest processor around & try building a test machine. That way if he destroy it he can just get another one. Just a thought.
  6. i highly doubt any shops would do free assembly since they charge retarded prices for a very simple process. but unless he has a friend or knows what hes doing himself theres really no other options. its really easy the only thing to worry about is not jabbing your board or parts with the screwdriver. also getting enough but not to much thermal paste on the cpu without bubbles or debris. you cant really put anything in the wrong spots its all specific connections that wont go together if its the wrong way
  7. Your "friend" needs to man up.
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