HTPC+Downloadrig- Will SSD spoil the system.

I was going through problem people facing with SSDs in the forum. I understand that SSDs (except very high end one) have one common problem:- If the system is kept idle for long SSDs downgrades somehow and refuse to boot after 8 months to 1 year of use.Then you have to take it out of the system power it up with data cable disconnected overnight to rectify it.

Now I am building a desktop (AMD A10 with USB3 & SATA 6Gb/s MoBo,No discrete GPU) which will work as download rig 12X7. and HTPC/Mediaserver. I think during long hours of download if the SSD will degrade and may be in three months system will not boot.

Another type of problem people having is configure a SSD as boot device. Even in time of fresh win 7 installation directly to a SSD is not smooth as with HDDs.Even with BIOS setting (AHCI) correct people failed. Is these device/technology is still very nascent stage of development? Should I consider it to invest in 2013 or wait, Because in my application fast booting time how enjoyable will it be.

Another question is if SSDs can be used with XP.Can it deliver fast booting in XP also.

SSD users please provide some insight.
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    I built a system with an OCZ Vertex III SSD and i3-2120 about 4 months ago, used as HTPC and gaming and downloading, and i haven't experienced any slow down. Also had no problem installing windows 7 or ubuntu, did it like a normal HDD.

    The performace is totally worth it. My system, with 4 months of use by 4 different people and 4 different user accts, still boots before the windows animation at boot up is finished. Unless you have the money for a big SSD, i would do what everyone else is doing and get a 128-256GB SSD for your system drive and a normal HDD for storage.
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