Very old server case, looking to give it a newer feel.

My dad recently pulled this:

Out of the closet, its HUGE and I would like to use it. Thing is, it looks like crap and is pretty out-dated.

First off, the on off button, is a switch, and the other buttons are just crap, the screen I have no idea what its for but its in MHZ so I don't think that will be much good, secondly, the front of the case, its plastic whereas the rest of the case is metal, I would really liked to either, get a new front, (as in the whole front of the computer) or build one somehow? Or upgrade the buttons etc, and I don't know how I would do that without either getting a new front or finding something that will fit... Really need some opinions on what I should do here.

And after I get that sorted out, I think if it got a nice new paint-job it would look MUCH better and less old. I'm thinking black, but I would like some recommendations on what I should do for that, as in do I need some special paint for the inside, or for the plastic front/metal sides, etc.

Looking for opinions on what I should do. Because as far as I know, Its a great case and everything, but it just looks so old and crappy :P

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  1. Paint as little of the surface area as possible. Remove any panels or sections you are happy with. Start with the 3.5 or 5.25 bay covers, and see how the paint finish turns out. I don't recommend painting the interior, as paint may flake off when installing drives.
  2. This is an old AT case and I doubt that you'll find an ATX front end for it. You'll probably have to make one yourself or use the Reset button, which isn't that useful on a server, as the Power switch. The Turbo switch was used on 186 and 286 PCs back in the 80's. Before anything else, you should make sure that an ATX PSU and motherboard will fit.
  3. Well, I would really like to make one myself, or possibly have a plastic company do it for me, I have one very close by... But if I did do it myself I would have no idea what to do lol. That the beauty of this case, is it has HUGE space inside I'm sure the mboard and psu with fit.
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