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Not sure if this question has been asked before, I have searched the forum, however have not found exact answer.

I have a Dell 4700 which is using a SATA HDD as its primary OS. I have acquired an IDE HDD which I would like to install and use as a secondary OS. Is this possible and would I just be a case of connecting up using this using the CD/DVD ribbon.

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  1. Be sure the ribbon is 80 pin; they are usually color coded blue on one end. Set your ide drive as secondary (slave) using the jumper on the drive; the jumper settings are listed on the drive label or on the website.
  2. Simple to install, not so simple to implement.

    After installing the drive into the cae, and "hooking it up," in the BIOS, set the drive boot order to SATA first, then IDE, if possible.

    Now, setting up a "Dual Boot" system is not that easy. Research online! Especially if one of the OS is Win7. It will involve Boot Manager Record tweaks, of which there are apps out there to do it.

    Sorry, I used to have a link to a great webpage about setting up a dual boot system, but have since lost it. I gave up on the dual boot setup of WinXP and Win7, I didn' t need XP anymore.
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