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Hey guys. First off you can probably all see I'm pretty new here, but I've been hanging out a while, lurking the reviews and forum. I'm approaching my first build, and this site has been invaluable in that process. Thanks a lot!

And on to my question/issue: I've scraped together pieces from newegg, and will probably have them shipped across the ocean from a mailbox in New Jersey to Norway, which saves me about 250$, 10-15% of my budget (even after import tax). All well and nice, but the issue here is the PSU - If I got this right, you use a 120V/60Hz power outlet, plug type A or B (example). In Norway, we use a 230V/50Hz type E (here are more on the sockets, but it really doesn't matter, as my question applies in general to PSUs more than the household power)

I see on newegg that the PSU I've chosen does support both 230V and 50Hz input, so the problem here is the socket. I found this little gem on amazon - it seems I will be able to use that for my socket.

So will this cable do the trick for me, or are each cable "unique" to it's PSU? Or will a IEC-13 cable work for PSUs?

Also, feel free to tell me if that PSU is crap, but my general question still stands! :)
And thanks a lot for replies!

EDIT: After doing some more research on this, I'm pretty certain it will work - but a second opinion would be great!
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    It looks standard at the PSU end, so my best bet is that it will work.
    Another option would be to use a plug adapter (not a power converter, just the adapter), but again, I don't think that will be necessary. Good luck with your new build.
  2. Yes, I did look at those too. I'm going to go for it and get a chord/adapter - Thanks for your input!
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