Filims play fine untill copied to usb stick

put .AVI films on my computer but when i copy them to my FAT32 usb stick they will not play?
even when trying to play on the same computer
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  1. will it play if you copy it back to the computer to another location?
  2. no. its as if as soon as it copies to my flash drive it get corrupted?
    ive tried both tera copy and the standard windows 7 copier.
    formatted it a few times and used t2 fat32 formatter to change it to fat32??
    ive also copied the same file to both my toshiba 64gb and sony 8gb (both fat32)
    and it works fine on my sony but not on my toshiba?
  3. also sometime TEd for instance will copy fine but then after ive reformatted it it wont copy properly.
    i honestly havent got a clue what is wrong?
    cheers for the help!
  4. You could try formatting the USB stick to NTFS, just to see, its worth a shot if you haven't tried it yet.
  5. 1) Another possibility is that the USB stick or Port is not USB 2 or 3. The file may not be able to load fast enough to play. Try a USB directly off the motherboard on the back of the computer. Do not use a hub or USB port on front of PC.

    2) It is only AVIs causing trouble? What if you make a small text file in notepad? Copy to drive and then try to open it... Does that work?

    3) How big is the movie and big is USB stick? Are you sure you have sufficient capacity?
  6. ive just tried to re-format the flash drive to NTFS via the motherboard usb slots and it came up saying unable to complete the format
    and theres plenty of space. usb stick is 64gb and every so often a file will write to the flash drive happily and work but the majority of the time it wont.
  7. it will format to exfat and fat32 but fails when trying to format to NTFS
  8. right so just to update i reformatted my drive to NTFS using COMMAND PROMPT and the .AVI files write to the drive fine now- along with checking optimise for performance in properties of the drive.
    i will not try and convert it to fat32 and see how i get on?
  9. willkenwright said:
    put .AVI films on my computer but when i copy them to my FAT32 usb stick they will not play?
    even when trying to play on the same computer

    I came across this question a year on from your original post and had the same problem, but with music videos downloaded from Youtube.

    Although the majority of files (.avi) would play fine on my PC from the original downloaded location on my PC, when loaded on to a USB memory stick, some would not play on my smart TV or with the stick back into the PC - with Windows showing an error, but with no definitive answer - as is often the case with Microsoft.

    The only solution was to save the files already on the memory stick into a temporary folder on the desktop etc and then format the stick - transferring the saved files back afterwards. This worked for me. Hope it helps
    anyone still tearing their hair out over this problem.
  10. I am facing the exact same issue!

    I have few serials with majority files in mkv format.

    When on pc, they play fine, when copied to usb drive, they stop playing.

    and not all of them stop playing, some work, some dont.

    My usb has ntfs file system as well.

    Please help
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