Loud HDD out of no where

Yesterday I got a new 1tb Hard Drive for all my games. the hard drive installed perfectly with no problems. But, a few minutes ago, right after installing the witcher, the hard drive went crazy and started running really loud. I thought i was about to hear a "Boom!" sound. So, instinctively i immediately turned off my computer and looked at the inside. Nothing was wrong or over heating. Is this activity normal for hard drives?

P.S.: the hard drive i got is a 1tb 7200rpm Seagate barracuda.
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    Test it with Seagate SeaTools:

    Also, are you sure it's the hard drive that's making the noise? It could be coming from one of the fans.
  2. okay, ill try to test it. Also it's possible it could be the fans, but i've been using these fans for a while and never heard anything close to that sound before.
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