PC wont turn on!!!

My pc wont turn on!

I plug the power in and the fans spins for a second but it doesn't actually boot up

PLease help me out! Why wwont my pc turn on?

all the peripherals as plugged in and working! would it be the power supply?
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  1. Calm down! What are the specs and what brand and power is your power supply, gimme a newegg link to your power supply.. and tell me the rest of your pats.
  2. Um, banthracis. If its only turning on for a few seconds and then powering down... i'm pretty sure it's the power supply. He should read that though.. meh :P
  3. It doesn't boot, the fans spin for about half a second and the light on The front flashes but it doesn't turn on (boot)
  4. Go through checklist.

    It can be forgot to plug in a wire, bad wiring/short, bad PSU, bad MOBO, bad RAM, and buncha other stuff.
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