What is the best SSD for the money?


I've been looking to buy an SSD for the PC I'm currently working on. I've narrowed down my selection to two (if there are any SSD's that are much better for roughly the same price, let me know). I'd also like to point out that I am in the UK, and the value for money is based on the prices here. I have heard really good things about these drives, if you have experience with one (especially both), please let me know which one you prefer:

Samsung 840 120GB:

Intel 330 Series 120GB:

I have heard a lot about how reliable Intel drives are. The Intel has a much higher write speed, and the Samsung has slightly higher read speed. I have another thread in this forum (it started off as a discussion about the OCZ Vertex 3) and all of the people that have answered in this forum have said that the 840 is the best SSD for the money. I found out about the Intel after that discussion so I thought I'd open a new one. Thanks in advance to any answers.
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  1. Just before anyone says, I have just realised that I can get the Intel 520 Series 120GB for the same price as the 330:

    Now the comparison is between the 520 and the 840 :)
  2. 520 without a doubt - the 840 Pro might be fairly comparable but the 520 would smoke the regular 840.
  3. I prefer Crucial m4,Mushkin Enhanced Chronos,Samsung 830 ,Samsung 840 Pro you might want to check this out http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ssd-recommendation-benchmark,3269.html
  4. I'm trying not to spend over £100 on an SSD, so the 180GB wouldn't be practical for my build. Also, it's only a 330 and the 520 is the same price on Amazon at the moment. I have also found a Kingston SSD that appears very fast on paper, so the three contenders now are:

    Intel 520 Series 120GB

    Samsung 840 120GB

    Kingston HyperX 3k 120GB

    I think that you will all say that the 520 is the way to go, but I thought I would still post this anyway just to make sure :). Also, on a side note, has Intel sorted out the finish on their SSD's yet? I know that it makes no difference to the fact that it is a seriously quick drive, but on older Intel SSD's, the back metal panel looked really worn and poorly finished and this did put quite a few people off of their drives.
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