Hello wizards,

I'm using ASUS P5K

Im quite new to hardware world just learnt how to fix RAM.

My question is I have PATA connection maximum of 2 one to my current PATA Hardisk and another to DVD-ROM.
My Motherboard supports SATA connection as well,Can someone post me a site where i can learn how to properly use
The cable connectors to connect a SATA Hardisk.

Thank you.
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  1. Connecting to a SATA connection is as simple as it gets. The SATA data cable is shaped in such a way that it can only connect one way. The same goes for the SATA power cable. You really can't connect them improperly. Unlike PATA/IDE devices, you don't have to worry about master/slave jumper settings either. One SATA port on your motherboard can only connect to one SATA device.

    Good luck!
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