Change 1066 to 1333 RAM?

Hi, I have this motherboard:
And, this RAM

On the front page of the motherboard, it says it supports 1333, and the RAM is 1333, but when I go to BIOS, it says it is on 1066. In the OC tab, it is on Auto(or similarly worded), and it gives me a choice of clicking on 1333. I didnt click it yet, it is still on auto.

If i set it to 1330, can I save the BIOS updates and boot the computer and will everything be ok? Or do I need to change something else too. Also, will this make my computer faster, because I dont want to use 1066 if 1333 is available, or else I would have bought something cheaper that is 1066.

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  1. I have asrock + i3 2100 in my office same read 1333 always at 1066 (533mhz) at 7-7-7-15 , I think default H61 just 1066, I just read in my CPU-Z , all speed in Jedec same. 1333 9-9-9-24 and 1066 7-7-7-15 not more than 1%. If you want ran at 1333 just go change divider ram to 3:10 (1333) with tighten timming 8-9-9-24 it will faster
  2. Hi, I didnt really understand. Because I am new to all of this, I just built my first computer.
    I took pictures of the menu of where I can change the RAM stuff, and I switched auto to 1333, but then I went to main and it still said 1066, so I changed it back to auto.

    From the picture, please show me what to change, and what to change it to, Thanks.

    Heres the picture:
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    i know ... it's very very normal and fine , however you have RAM 1600/1800/2000/ mobo alway's read 1066
    you see standar mobo Asrock H61 read your RAM DDR3 1066 - AUTO ! Change to DDR3 1333
  4. Thank you, I did and now it has the 9,9,9 and stuff like that. I am not seeing any real difference, but hopefully it goes faster now.
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