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Will my PSU be compatible with my new GPU?

Ok I'm planning to give myself a gift for christmas and I'm buying this:

but I'm not so sure if it'll work out well with my PC

I'm using a gtx 260 at the moment which is 500w

I'm currently using a 750w psu:

i7 2.66ghz nehalem quad - first ver.

and a 6GB ram from G.skill

There's only 4 fans on including the heatsink which is DarkKnight and they're cheap fans
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  1. Ya, you have enough power for that graphic card so go on.
  2. Is there anyway to determine this? Like for example a Voltage measurer and stuff like that?
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    This should give you a quick overview at least, if that's what you're aiming for.
  4. Thanks hot and Gacale, so I guess Its compatible right?
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