Hi,was not sure which section to put this in as it is to do with CPU and Mobo.
Anyway my question is what kind of performance loss(if any) i would get if i put a AM3 cpu into a AM2+ motherboard with the appropriate bios update.Would it be best to upgrade the mobo as well?
Many thanks.
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  1. No performance loss. `
  2. You'll be working with an older memory standard (DDR2) and probably different feature-sets, but if the AM2+ board supports AM3 chips, there won't really be a noticeable difference in performance between it and an AM3 board.
  3. Yes my mobo is DDR2 but i could do without the extra expence of a new mobo,but if there is no noticable loss then ill keep it and just change the cpu. Many thanks for the replies.
  4. There is a minor loss when going from DDR3 down to DDR2. You would not notice any loss since you do not have personal experience. I doubt even if you were used to a DDR3 setup and went to a DDR2 (with the same processor) that you would be able to notice much degredation at all.
  5. Thanks for the reply popatim,looks like its going to be same mobo,new cpu then,i am happy with that lol.Thanks again.
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