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Hi all,

I have for a veeery long time been absent from the hardware scene, and I have frankly no idea right now what to buy.
I have a small HTPC like case, with a special small form factor PSU of 300 Watt. I am looking for a nice PCI-E x16 card, which should be used for gaming.
My motherboard is a ZOTAC GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi, if you need to know anything about that...
I am looking for a nice quality-for-money card, and it definitely does not need to be the latest top state of the art :)
Most importantly - max 300W!

Thanks a lot to you all in advance!


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  1. Sorry... This should have been marked as a question - I cant seem to edit it :/
  2. ATI Radeon 5670
    alternatively, 9800GT Nvidia

    Most people say 512MB is enough for cards like these, so just stick with 512 ( i bought 1gb 5670 coz thats the only thing i could find )
  3. i think he has a slim case, in which case it would be best to go for a 5570 or maybe risk a low profile 9800gt.
  4. Well, it is acutally not that slim :) It is a case designed to be small (mini-itx) but with the extra room for a graphics card and cpu cooling :)

    Since my chipset is nvidia, I have an idea, that I might get better performance with nvidia cards - makes sense? -I really like the 5670 specs though.. especially compared to the price :)

    Is 9800gt as good as 5670 performance wise? I see that 9800gt is only dx 10...
    What other card, would you recommend from nvidia?

  5. the 9800gt is better than the hd 5670.... but still hd 5670 has better power efficiency and offers you the dx 11 support....

    So i will suggest you to go with the new hd it has got better driver support too
  6. 5670 agreed.
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