Is Sandy Bridge worth the wait for an upgrade from a x6800 extreme?

I've had my computer now for about 4 years and have been itching for an upgrade. I was going to get a i7 but with sandy bridge around the corner, I decided to wait for that. But now, what I'm reading is that sandy bridge isn't really an upgrade over i7, but more of a mainstream card with integrated graphics. I don't really care about that. I'm running crossfire 5850s at 2500x1600s and would like to keep using these vid cards. I can play most games ok on it but there is sluggishness sometimes.

I know it'll be definitely faster (still on the 680i mobos), but should I just wait for ivy bridge? my next computer should last me another 4-5 years. If Ivy's going to be the huge jump I'm looking for, should I wait's it coming out? Q2? Q4

Or would it be better to just get an i7 970 for around 600 on ebay?

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  1. Since you have a low-end quad, I'd take the SB route. i7 doesn't make much sense at this point. That being said, the high end 2011 chipsets probably won't be out until a few months after 1055.
  2. If your not going to wait for Sandy Bridge I would recommend getting the i5 quad instead. The performance is similar to the i7's and you'll save money on the motherboard and ram.
  3. Actually, the x6800 is duo core still. I took into consideration that the 1366 is nearing its life upgrade cycle, but I really don't intend to upgrade cpus ever. Usually, it ends up just an upgrade of the whole computer. Noting that, would SB even supplant the i7s as the fastest processors? I saw Anandtech's preview but there wasn't enough meat on it for me to make a sound decsion.
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