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Recently I bought another Harddrive (1TB) for Storage on files I've been working on. (Videos, Animations, Models, etc.) And I transferred a lot of work to the Harddrive, but now I believe it occured after resetting my BIOS to disabled my 4.7GHz Overclock the Harddrive no longer shows up? And I can't access any of the files through saved files in Sony Vegas.
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  1. An external or internal harddrive?

    does it show in the bios?
  2. danny2000 said:
    An external or internal harddrive?

    does it show in the bios?

    Internal, and I'll check now.
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    Is this an internal HDD or an external HDD?

    If internal, ensure that all of your SATA ports are enabled and in the proper mode.

    If external, make sure all of your USB ports are enabled, the drivers properly loaded, and the drive powered on (as appropriate).

    Does the drive show up in Disk Management?
  4. Well... it shows two now. And they're both working, I guess the restart fixed it. But when the hell does restart fix anything? It's just something your parents tell you to try when you're 5.

    Anywho, thank you all for your time. I'm sorry to have burdened you.
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