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So i have got case Cooler Master Elite 310 and MOBO Gigabyte GA-870A-UD Rev 2.1.... My mobo has 7 holes for standoffs and my case has them plenty but one of the holes in mobo doesnt match any in the case ... Question is will everything be ok if one standoff hole in MB wont be filled? Hope you understood
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  1. I suspect that the seventh hold isn't intended for a motherboard standoff.

    It's normal to have six or nine holes. I've just had a look at a photo of the motherboard. I don't know what that extra hole is for.

    I suggest you just use the six standard holes.
  2. Well it looks EXACTLY same like the other hole... but ok i will use those 6 but anyway they placed them kinda weird cause there arent any on the end of right side... anyway thanks for answer
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