I was wodering how exactly do you access bios on windows vista. I did the whole f8 thing at startup that you had me reset the bios and other things that, well, didn't have anything to do with bios. Any tips?
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  1. Yeah, F8 is for boot options.

    When the computer first boots, you should see the BIOS screen appear briefly (Either as a logo or diagnostic list) and it should show the key for the BIOS / Setup menu.

    If it whisks by you too fast, try hitting the 'Pause' key on your keyboard.

    Most BIOS's will use Delete as their shortcut key.
  2. well I've done that already and it is a system setup. The only bios options they have are "reset to factory settings" and how much of the video card memory you use. I've seen paes where people have lists of how much wattage goes into everything on your mobo (processors, harddrive, ram, ect)
  3. Sounds like you're working with an OEM build (AKA Pre-Built).
    If so, it's not too surprising. They lock down their BIOS, but even then, only those few options seem very limited. There should at least be a system status type section, or a date and time setting or something.
  4. yea there's a date and time section and all :/
  5. mal mental, I followed you link and it told me, "COMPAQ
    Ensure that the cursor in the upper right corner of your screen is blinking before pressing the F10 key.
    Previous versions of Compaq will make use of the F1, F2, F10 or DEL keys to grant access to your BIOS set up menu." That is what i've been trying and it keeps either not working or just brining me to that very limited menu that were we talking about. Do you have any other ideas?
  6. That 'very limited menu' sounds like its your BIOS.
    Again, with an OEM build, like a Compaq, the BIOS has many features completely locked out.

    If you're really desperate, you can try finding 'cracks' for your motherboard BIOS. This is a very risky procedure, so I wouldn't recommend it, as a faulty crack or a bad 'flash' can render your computer completely inoperable, and all this is risk is 10 fold on someone with little experience.

    Even if you do get it unlocked, you're probably not going to be able to squeeze out much performance at all, especially with the inferior quality components these OEM builds tend to use.
  7. yea windows is fine and everything i just have another processor and i wanted to adjust the bios to make them compatible for the system.
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