Western Digital scorpio blue performance?

My friend has this scorpio blue mobile drive he's willing to sell me for $20, the wd3200bevt to be exact. Since I'm getting a new mono and need to reinstall windows I think it be cool to install it on this drive them use my current hard drive for my games since they're all already on it.
What worries me though is that it being a Mobile drive will running my OS off of it give abysmal performance or will it be alright? My current hdd isn't the fastest either, it's an older Hitatchi but it still gets work done (WEI 5.7, I've never done a real hdd benchmark). Will a slower OS drive have much of an effect on game performance when the game is being run from a different one?
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  1. Ok then, let me make it more clear that this is for my gaming desktop PC (specs are in my signature), I'm worried games like Crysis 2 (which is not stable on my current mobo and RAM, and the reason I'm upgrading), and StarCraft II, will start micro stuttering if I'm running my OS off this mobile drive. With more storage I'll probably start buying games from steam as they go on sale as well.
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