Ethernet router not detecting widows 98

I have an old sony vaio 747 with window 98. I have a pcmcia ether net card wich appears to be working. The device manager says the device is working and the leds are flashing.

Ehrn you look ay network neibourhood you only see the vaio. The router does not see the computer.

I have Client for Micro Network,
Microsoft family logon,Realtek RT8139/810x Family PCI fast Ethernet NIC,TCP/IP>Realtek RT8139/810x Family PCI fast Ethernet NIC,File and printer sharing fot Microsoft Networks.

I tried Obtain an IP address automatically, Ialso specified and IP address and set a static one on my router.

The router and the laptop just don't see each other.

Any help would be apreciated
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  1. try setting a static IP and change the workgroup to match the laptop. If that doesn't do it, You should upgrade to at-least xp pro because it will be less of a headache than attempting to get the network working? Networking 98 to xp/vista is a pain in the rear. G
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