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Sandy Bridge and CP-850

I am planning on building a new computer with Sandy Bridge and I was planning on using the Antec CP-850. Assuming that the motherboard I purchase has an 8pin connector for th CPU what cord would I connect to that spot? Would I just use the 4 pin ATX12V or the 8pin EPS12V? I have read that the EPS is not compatible with ATX, but I am planning on putting this into an Antec P183 case so I would like put the CPX form factor into the case. Thanks for your help.
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  1. I believe its 4 pinn by the cpu.
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    Most new motherboards use the 8-pin connector. CPX is a format for the power supply for those curious. Its a bit larger than the ATX.

    To answer you question though: the EPS12v and the EATX12v are exactly the same connector and pinout. grounds on pins 1 thru 4 and 12v on pins 5 thru 8
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