Laptop with full blown desktop parts??

are the processors that come in this sager LAPTOP full blown desktop ones ?? says 1366 950 970 980x

and the 480 SLI is that desktop 480s?? man that would burn your lap lol
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  1. Thats right, they have accomadated the heat with their cooling solutions... Larger laptops than most (semi portable).
    The 480 parts are "M" parts, for mobile eg. 480M - they are down clocked mobile versions of the gf100 (or whatever) chipsets.

    Sager laptops are one of the best, if not, THE best gaming laptops in the biz. They're sick beasts.

    Heres a reference of the 480M:
  2. wow, just wow

    its like now that i know whats out there it makes the laptops i was looking at look like *** lol but what ever if you cant afford it you cant afford it lol

    thanks for the answer
  3. Fully outfitted that thing was ~$6k - nuts... just nuts.
  4. It looks like they took a full sized case, turned it on its side, hinged a screen on there and called a day.

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