PC crashed. Reformatted now a disk is not showing up.

I'll start with my system specs.
120gb Intel 510 series SSD that I use at my boot drive
1.5tb western digital HDD for storage
Asus p8p67 Deluxe motherboard
Intel i7 2600k
16gb 1600mhz ram
1000w PSU
nvidia 680 GTX
Windows 7 64 bit

OK so this problem occurred last night. My computer was working fine. I went out to see a movie so I shut it off. When I came home and turned it on It could not detect my boot drive at all. This has never occurred before so after some googling I put in my windows disk to try and reformat my SSD. The problem was it would not let me install windows on my SSD. It said it couldn't even after I formatted it (I can not remember the exact thing it said sorry). So after even more googling I unplugged my HDD and BEHOLD it let me install windows back onto my SSD. So I was pretty glad I didn't have to buy a new drive and blamed it on a bad SATA cable. When I turned my computer back on this morning my HDD stopped showing up. Its not in my computer, Its not in disk management and its not in the bios. I tried plugging it in different SATA cables on the mobo etc.. It has power connected to it and everything. I'm trying to try everything I can before I throw it out and buy a new drive.
Any solutions would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
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  1. if it's not shown in the BIOS it has probably failed, but it can't be tested to confirm that since any testing software you use will not see it either. Try and borrow a known-working hard drive if you can and swap it out with your problem one.

    If the borrowed drive shows up in the BIOS you can be fairly confident yours has failed.
  2. Alright I got it all figured out, I'm updating for anyone else having this problem. I don't know how this worked but when I re installed windows last night I didn't delete the partition on the disk. I left it as "Disk 0 partition 1" What I should have done was format it, then delete the partition so it was unallocated space THEN hit install windows and let it create the system restore partition itself etc.. That's what I had to do to get it work. Simple as that. I forgot to delete the partition last night. Hope that answer helps all of you. Reply here if it doesn't chances are I tried the solution you need >.> Also, If it says when you are trying to re install windows that it can not install to the drive you want to install it to try unplugging your other drive. That worked for me.

    EDIT: How can I mark this forum as SOLVED? For anyone else googling this problem in case they come across this thread.
  3. Just choose best answer.
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