Can't decide what CPU to get.

Okay I've been looking at CPUs for a cheap gaming rig and I really can't figure it out. It must be AM3.

I was thinking a Phenom II X2 555, or an Athlon II 3x 445 3.1GHz. Which would be best, or can you reccomend another? My max budget on the CPU is about £80, give or take a few. Remember, that's pounds and not dollars, many people don't pay attention to that.

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  1. I'd opt for the 3 core if possible, but most (85%) of your hi-res performance (1280x1024 or above with AA/AF enabled) will be determined from the video card selected.....

    For a gaming rig, get 'enough cpu', the video card is by far more important.
  2. £58.40

    The triple core will give better multitasking performance not only on games but in every single app you use, plus at that resolution cpu performance is actually quite relevant, about 15% of it, you need to climb all the way up to 2600x1560 to eliminate cpu bottleneck
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