Cannot seethe files in External Hard Drive

Hello, i could not see all the stored file in my external hard drive "BUFFALO 320 GB." I check the memory and it is full my if i open my hard drive i only see few files. Where are my other files and how can i see them back?
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  1. An antivirus has probably blocked them.

    Heres an easy way.

    Download Kaspersky Boot disk.

    Write it to a disk or USB. Just follow the instructions on the site to do this.

    Then boot into it. Plug your HDD in and you get the files manually. Copy to your local disk or another external.
  2. It sounds like that some virus may attack your hard drive. Actually, the virus sometimes will hide your files and mark them as file system. So, you cannot find them normally.
    Therefore, to save your files, you could try to clean the virus.
    But, if the cleaning stuff doesn't work, you are supposed to try a hard drive recovery freeware, which has helped recover my files from an inaccessible drive. It is quite useful and really free.
    1. Do not store any new file on this drive to avoid the original data overwritten by new data, which can make your data gone permanently.
    2. Do not save the recovered files on the same drive in case of recovery failure.
    3. Do not forget to format this drive to see whether it could work normally as before.
    4. Do not forget to back up your important files as possible as you can in the future.
  3. You do not need recovery software if you boot into the kaspersky boot disk(a old form of linux).

    Files hidden in windows will not apply to linux, so you can easily recover them.
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