How to enable bluetooth on windows 7

i have a compaq windows 7 laptop and im trying to figure out how to enable the bluetooth but i cant...please can someone help me?
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  2. While your laptop may have built in wireless, I don't know of any that have bluetooth built in. You would need a bluetooth dongle which plugs in to a usb port, W7 should detect it automatically for use with your device.
  3. There are many models that have bluetooth built in... my laptop is one of them. If the switch is turned on, then ensure you have drivers / software installed. If you look at the bottom of your laptop, it should have a sticker telling you what wireless devices are installed. (FCC requirement).
  4. All my laptops (oldest is almost 4 years old) have Bluetooth. Is the driver installed ? Does it appear in Device Manager ? Any yellow or red symbols in DM ?
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