Cougar a good PSU?

I do not know much about PSU's or Courgar.I just know that it isn't one of the top name brands that i'm used to.
Was intrested in these combo deals but i didn't know if Courgar was a reliable brand or not.

Combo list

I know that the Seasonic and Corsair brands are very good but the Courgar is cheaper.
Also wanted to know if those 2 PSU's will run with crossfire.
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  1. I won't trust my system to a Cougar PSU. I much rather pay the extra $30 for this combo deal...

    This will give you enough power for Crossfire and a much more reliable PSU.
  2. cougar is made by HEC. HEC isn't always too terrible but not exactly having of a good reputation :) dont buy it until someone reviews one of the newer cougar models.
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