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Hi guys, first of all i'm not a native english speaker so i hope i can make myself clear.

I've got an acer travelmate 2000 series laptop. the power button started failing a long time ago, sometimes the computer wouldn't turn on, so i'd have to press the button in certain angles or positions till the computer actually started. kind of weird i guess huh?. well i suppose the button was just not working properly but eventually the problem got worse until the button stopped working at all.

I take off the piece of the computer who covers the power button and found a little plate with the power switch button and other switches corresponding to other buttons.

I unsoldered the power switch and replace it with another one who was next to it, this was very difficult since the soldered area was so tiny that it was almost impossible to do it using a conventional soldering gun, besides i don't have the most steady hand in the world so to speak.

The correspondent switch to the power button is the most-right switch in the plate, it can be clearly seen in the picture.

Anyway i pressed the button and the computer turned on, but once i turned it off and tried to turn it on again nothing happened.

So i repeated the process of replacing the switch again with another one i had unsoldered and the exact same thing happened, it worked just the first time i pressed it.

I was thinking of replacing the entire plate but considering the unusual behavior i just mentioned i'm not quite sure if the problem is in the plate itself, and i'm afraid that if i replace it, it might stop working as well.

So my question is if u guys had some idea of what the problem is, and tell me if i should just replace the plate or if u have any other suggestion.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, by the way i've got another computer, a pretty old desktop that suddenly stopped working, when i turn it on the light next to the power button and the fan start working except that the monitor shows just a black screen and the other light -the one that should blink, which i understand has something to do with the lecture on the hard disk- does not blink

I know the connection between monitor and cpu it's ok cause when i disconnect the monitor it appears a message that says that monitor has no signal.

I checked everything to be properly connected so i don't think that he problem has something to do with an unconnected-device matter.

Thanks again
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Hmm...well. The 'switch' you may have triggered when you removed the power button platre may be the attempt to boot up the monitor. What I would do is just get a new monitor.
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