Possible Power Supply Issue?

My computer has been having some issues for a while now. If the computer is off and I click the power button to turn it on, everything spins for about 3 seconds, and then it shuts off. If I HOLD the power button for about 3 seconds, there is a noticable click in the computer and then I let go, the computer starts up. It goes through the POST and says there is an error. I hit delete to go to BIOS, F10 to save, it posts again and starts right up and works fine.

I am just getting tired of having to do this every damn time. Ive heard it could be several things such as memory, PSU, Mobo, etc.

I have tried taking everything out and put it on a cardboard box and shorting it to boot, and that works. I have tried moving the memory around and taking one stick out etc and no help.

I should note that this is my 3rd PSU from OCZ (two RMA's, started with a 650, then got a 750, now the 850). I am wondering if I should RMA it again. If I do that, Im just getting a new PSU first and selling the one they send me back.

Anyone know what is wrong with my computer first off?

Then, what PSU should I get for my system? Possibly get another 460 and upgrade to sandy bridge next year and want it to work with that.

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  1. My gut feeling is that you have a failing motherboard, and it's killing your PSU's as it dies. I've had this before myself.. strange boot sequence to actually get it to fire up. I had to go into bios and save, then it'd boot up.. but if I just tried to boot by pushing the button I'd spin the fans, then die.

    I found out that when my old board died, it was a faulty PSU that caused the initial damage, and then from then on it was my motherboard killing off PSU's and HDD's.

    I would say get a new motherboard (RMA if you can) and then also get a new PSU (again, RMA if you can) so you have them both new and working.. I would put money on it that this fixes your issues once and for all.
  2. Your mobo is old enough that the CMOS battery could be dead. Check that first. While you're in there, look for any leaking or bulging capacitors (Google "bad capacitors" for some typical images).
  3. I spoke to a friend of mine about this and he too suggested looking at the battery. If everything seems okay, you might have a burnt CMOS / BIOS chip or something hard to pin-point.
  4. I would replace the c-mos battery.
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