Pc hangs while formatting

any body could help to solve my problem?

my PC always suddenly hang ups even but it starts normally...

i tried to format the disk drive but it stays only to 10 %..i waited for how many hours..but nothings change...

what will be the possible solution for this?
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  1. If you're doing your format outside of your drive (as in, you aren't reformatting the OS disk while in the OS) and you're getting stalls and instability, your drive may simply be failing.

    Try running the drive check utility from within the OS by right clicking the problematic hard disk -> properties. Or run a chkdsk from command prompt (Assuming you're on Windows), If you can still access your OS.

    Is it stalling anywhere specific?
  2. Replace that hard disk.
  3. Hmmmm, sounds like one or both of the FAT tables are corrupted, if you do not have scandisk on a bootable disk, floppy or whatnot then fdisk the hdd and then repartition it...:)
  4. Any Windows CD beyond Win95 (98/2k/XP/Vista/WIn7) is bootable (no one needs a floppy anymore!), and will let you delete any/all partitions, and then perform a quick or full format easily...if it hangs even trying that, try it with a single mem stick, reseat your IDE ribbon cable at both ends, or, try/borrow a different hard drive port....

    Beyond that, you might need to try/borrow a different hard drive...
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