Xfx5770 vs evga gtx 470 (im a noob)

ok, long story short, my buddy bought recently (a week or so) his gtx 470 for 3d work and it wasn't any good for his pc.....so he got a firepro 7800...

so now hes about to get rid of his 470 and made me an offer of 250 for it...

now i JUST bought a xfx 5770 for like 200 about a month ago....was like 195.

so since hes making me this offer, my ? is

how much better is the 470 than the 5770??? do i need it?

i DO do graphic work but more on the regular side, i do dabble in 3d but nothing major. i mainly got that 5770 so i could game on pc.

so overall is the 470 a BIG leap over the 5770 or can i stand to do without it?

im fairly happy with my 5770 i must say which is why im running over ehre for help/advice lol
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  1. If you do only modeling and graphical tasks ,then you should be fine with your hd5770. If you want it for gaming then the GTX 470 will do a lot better.
  2. You could give us the rest of your pc specs,
    What resolution do you game at ?
    You most likely need a minimun of a 650 watt psu, to power the gtx 470.
    If you game at 1080p, the 470 can give you up to 40% more fps, or allow you to add AA and turn all the details to high in your games.

    roughly umm....
    Asus m4a784-m mobo (or something like thaT)
    amdATH @ 2.9 quad
    6gigs OCz ram
    xfx 5770
    and 2 internal drives totaling about a tb of hdd and an external @ 1.5tb


    run 2 monitors, one a 23" and a 20"er.
    and i game at 1920 by 1080 (or whatever it is lol....the highest for my monitors.

    and i game most games at high
  4. The you definitely need the GTX 470.What is your PSU?

    um my psu is um....either a 600 or a 500....not sure, iw as building 2 systems at the same time and um.......bought two psus and not sure which it is im using.
  6. ok my buddy told me that the box said Power supply no less than 550.....but liek i said i have either a 550 or a 600watter installed not sure which.......

    in any case, ive decided to pick it up from him lol.
    gonna try to sell the 5770 on ebay and the 9800 sell for cheap to a buddy that needs it fro his old pc...

    thanks fellas
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