AMD Athlon II X4 620

Hello I am little worried about my temperature of my CPU i was converting a video to 480P then suddenly i heard this high pitched beep every second or so, I tried to close everything but my computer was lagging so i could not i could not even get task manager to open so i just resetted the comp i searched up the beep and it said the CPU was overheating so i checked my CPU temps with HWmonitor and the temps were 45~46 C on core 0 to core 4 i was just browsing on firefox.

Is this normal?

My idle temps are 38C on all four cores
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  1. What's your max temperature set to in your BIOS?

    What's the temperature like in your room?

    Either way, that's fairly warm. You have decent cooling in that case?

    It may be worth reseating your Heatsink/Fan assembly. Make sure you're using good thermal paste like AS or TX, clean off the old paste with a lint-free cloth and high purity alcohol, and apply the new stuff in a manufacturer approved method.
  2. 38-47c seems perfectly normal to me.

    The best way to see if your cpu overheats, is to run prime 95 for an hour while your running coretemp and if your cpu get's over 65c shut it down immediately, your overheating.
    Prime 95 is worst case scenario, if you pass that test, you don't have to worry about it overheating in gaming or converting.
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