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Hi all,

I recently bought an MSi P67A-C43 (B3) moptherboard and they covered 4 of the 8 holes in the CPU's 8 Pin power connector. It's covered with a piece of plastic that comes out really easy. So do I plug an 8 pin connector in it or a 4 pin connector? Or can you do both? The diagram in the manual doesn't show this plastic cover over the socket.

Also, the chassis has wires labeled "HD Audio" and "AC' 97" how do I know which one to use? The board uses Realtek ALC892 audio chipset. As it is right now I have a HD Audio plugged in.

Sorry if my questions are stupid but this is the first computer I've ever built and just don't want to start a fire when I turn it on.

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  1. The four holes are covered so you know which ones to use if you have a 4 pin CPU power plug. If you have an 8 pin (or 4+4), remove the cover and use all eight pins on the motherboard.

    Use the HD Audio connector. It's listed in your motherboard manual.
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