Computer not working with new graphic cards that needs 6-pin connecto

ust as the title says,
my computer does not give any image to the screen when i start it with my new 6870's, i used them in crossfire for some time and it worked really good, but then it suddenly started working and now i cant get any image on the screen when i start the computer with them.

But as soon as i start the computer with older graphic cards that doesnt need the 6 -pin connectors it works as it should.

this leads me to the question, you think its the PSU thats defect or the graphic cards that in some way got defected when i ran them in crossfire?

The graphic card is 6870 and the PSU is Cougar CM 1000w.
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  1. Have you updated any drivers, hardware, software etc before the issue?
    Can you boot up with just one card installed?
    Have you tried using a different PCI-E plug or a Molex to PCI-E adapter?
    Have you another PSU you can test in this system?
    Have you another system you can test these cards in? (one at a time?)
  2. Does either of these cards work by themselves? If neither one will work I highly doubt anything is wrong with cards, it's most likely your PSU.
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