Would a CPU upgrade get me better FPS for Black ops?

So I have purchased a GTX 460 1gb to replace my old 8800 gts. Mainly because COD Black Ops played like garbage even on the lowest settings. When I bought this card I thought that all my problems would be solved but no, I can now just play the game on its highest settings but with still mediocre to unplayable fps. Is the rest of my system bottle-necking my GPU? says my cpu is at 100% while playing black ops.

Asus p5n-e sli
Core 2 duo e6850 @ 3 ghz
4 gb ddr2 800 ram
coolermaster 750 watt power supply
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  1. Seems odd that that chip would be so stressed and bottle-necking you while playing. It normally gives respectable performance.

    You may be affected by background programs. Try opening task manager while the game is going and see what else is running.

    Also, what are you considering "unplayable" FPS?
  2. Have a check in the nvidia control panel, see if the physx setting is set to your 460 card and not the cpu.
  3. Have you downloaded all the bug-fixes for Black Ops?
  4. Tamz_msc said:
    Have you downloaded all the bug-fixes for Black Ops?

    +1 this one helps a lot. I don't think GTX 460 will have issues with Black ops.
  5. Since you have an SLI board you could put your 8800GTS back in there as a dedicated Phys X card. If your previous card was a 512MB, then a 460 isn't that big of a jump as well. Anyway, that game is demanding on the CPU. Here, you can see how a 5970 scales on it with an i7 at different clock speeds


    Needless to say your CPU is a bit below that ^_^. Overclocking it would certainly help, but you may just want to turn down some of the more CPU intensive settings as well.
  6. Blacks Ops was very buggy at release.Treyarch released fixes for computers running older dual and quad core CPUs.make sure that that you download all of them.
  7. I had the same problems, poor frame rates. I swapped out the dual core and put in a Quad core setup, it now works on the highest settings no issues at all. I do not think is was ever a video card issue for this game, it is a multi-threaded game will real problems eating processor power. To old setup played COD MW2 at highest settings with my single stock Dual Core Xeon 5130 2.0 Ghz, no problem.

    HP xw6400 Workstation
    Dual CPU's 2 x Xeon Dual Core 5160 @ 3.0 Ghz
    8 GB 667MHZ Ram
    Nvidia 8800GTX 768MB GDDR3
  8. I spoke to soon, the game crashed my system. Had to reset the CMOS. COD Black Ops PC is the worst game I have 'NEVER' played. I have spent more time and money to try and get this working. I have come to the conclusion that the game is the problem, not my system.
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