Weird Problem, possible PSU?

Hi guys, I have a really disturbing problem. Recently my OCZ started smoking so I changed PSU to a Cosair 750w.

Well, I got it today, installed it and it worked just fine.

Well it worked just fine when my case is horizontal. When I put it upright it restarts during the black window screen, What's even odder is that even when put on an angle it work perfectly. Only when it's vertical does it not work.

Please help! All wires are tight and nothing touches when it's vertical either. I have no idea what's wrong.
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  1. Hmm - strange. I've had this problem before, but it ended up being a dodgy PSU power cable. It wasn't loose, but would only work as certain angles. Try with a different cable and see if it helps.

    I would also suggest taking the PSU out of the case (but still all plugged in) and then put the case upright but sit the PSU somewhere horizontal (on some books next to the case or something to hold it). See if it is infact the PSU, or if there is a connection on the motherboard that is under strain or comes out slightly when the case is moved.

    Make sure your CPU heatsink and and graphics cards etc are properly seated and don't move when you turn the case.
  2. Make sure there isn't a screw or other conductive debris trapped under the mobo.
    If you used any metallic wire-ties anywhere, check for abrasion on those.
  3. ^ agreed.

    I was thinking about this earlier.. and make sure that your motherboard is properly secured and nothing is shorting at all.

    If none of this helps, I would say take everything out of your case and then re-build. If there is anything lose or not quite right; a re-build normally solves this.
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