Win 7 Pro 64 bit took 120 GB on my SSD fresh install

Hi everyone and happy new year..

I've just built a workstation and have Corsair Force GT 3 480 GB. I installed Win 7 Pro x64. When I checked the disk it shows 120 GB is in use yet the actual Windows was much less than that. Around 20 GB I believe... (I can't look right just now)

The missing give and take 100 GB is invisible...

I must also mention that right after the initial install process, right at the first initiation of the Windows while I was naming the 'computer' there was a ten minute electricity cut. (It happens around here now and then!) So when I was back at the saddle I struggled a bit not being sure what was going on, I almost started a new fresh install by mistake and I saw a second partition was about to be created, so I cancelled and reboot the system and continued from where I left off with the first installation..

Thus now I have 120 GB on my 480 GB SSD and there is nothing but the Win 7 Pro x64 which takes all that space I need for my own reasons!

Please tell me this is all wrong and I have to do a new fresh install butu this time with my loyal 2000 AP 'UPS' unit present.. :))

Or anything else might have happened??!!

P9X79 WS
Vengeance 1600 8x8GB
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  1. Also is there any good SSD inspector application that I can use?

    Thank you..
  2. Since you have 64gig of ram the page file will be absurdly huge, same goes for the hibernation file.

    I suggest manually setting a page file size as well as disabling hibernation.
    Instruction on how to do both can be found here:
    As well as a few other tweaks.
    They suggest disabling the page file completely but i would not recommend that, i usually set it to 2gig with a max of 8gig.
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