Need advice on new Headset

Sound quality is a big big deal for me, I'm looking to buy the best USB headset for under $100.

These are my options so far:

Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Alpha USB Connector Circumaural Headset , seen on a review that they have outstanding sound quality at a great price, and they're backed up by THX too.


Creative Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset, which many people say they're the most comfortable they've tried, and also deliver amazing sound quality.

Also been looking at some sennheisers, but those are 6.3mm with a 3.5 adapter, and they're only usb headsets aren't very good and also out of my price range.

I want to stick to USB headsets because everyone knows how crappy onboard sound can be when it comes to powering high-end headphones.

Posted here cause I know no one's ever going to answer if I post in the audio section , Sorry , and Thanks in advance
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  1. Hello,

    If sound quality is really important to you, then I wouldn't use onboard audio. I'd save my money and buy a dedicated sound card and headset. Luckily for you, such a bundle exists and it is at an amazing price.

    It's the ASUS Xonar Xense 7.1 Premium Gaming Audio Set. It includes the sound card (Asus Xonar Xense) and a headset (a Sennheiser PC350). This sound card alone is worth 200$, and the headset itself 200$. With this bundle, you can have both for 300$. This is good for life. When you change or modifiy your build, this will still be good. I've had the same sound card for almost 3 years on one of my builds, and I don't feel the need to change it...yet !

    Here's a link to the bundle :
    And reviews : and

    Here's a link to the headset alone :
    And review :

    If that doesn't interest you, here's a link explaining how to choose a good headset :

    And finally, here's a link to some of the best headsets of 2010 :

    I hope this helps !
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    Hang on just a min!

    @ wiinippongamer - your saying sound quality is everything , so ii'm putting you inline as an audiophile, an intense audio picky gamer or a movieholic person. :)

    My question to you is, why are you choosing USB driven headsets? Soundcard's have a degree ranging from bad to good depending on how they process the sound. Asus Xonar's/HT | Omega's / (some)Creative have the ability to encode/decode sound layers and bring out the whole package in media.

    A USB driven headset means the audio processing is done only via the usb driver/port redering your soundcard useless. So it doesn't matter how much quid/pounds/dollars you spend on a soundcard - your audio will still be processed via usb. FYI - its worse than your onbaord card as the THX is only software emulation on the usb port.

    I'm for al360ex suggestion of the sennheiser. But you could also go for the HT | Omega striker and pick up a astro gaming headphone within the sennheiser/asus budget. + goes about $200 with shipping.
  3. I just didn't want to spend another $80-100 on a good sound card aswell as some expensive heaphones, I currently only have $100 to work with and i really wanted it ASAP as I'm on a pair of $25 logitech speakers right now. Guess I can save up a little more and get a good sound card.

    How good are the sennheiser HD555s?, they seem to have pretty good reviews.
  4. the sennheiser 555 is out of stock on newegg and is about the same price as the tritton's i posted above. The sennhesiser , however, is an audiophiles approach for a headset. What is your taste? gamer/audiophile or movie enthusiast(on a personal stage)...?

    for an all round experience for any type of media, the Tritton's are good. For a movie/music tone, the sennheiser's are a better deal.

    you could look at these Astro's A40 - they do the sound processing on the external box...which means you can pull it off of your onboard card.
  5. Many thanks to you both for your help.
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